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  • No Bragging Rights "The Concrete Flower"
  • Disponibile in streaming “The Concrete Flower” il nuovo album dei No Bragging Rights.

    Buon ascolto :)

    No Bragging Rights - The Concrete Flowers

  • Nuovo brano dei Lagwagon

    Dopo ben 9 anni dall’ultimo full-lengt arriva “The Cog in Machine” primo brano estratto da “Hang” il nuovo e tanto atteso album dei Lagwagon.

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  • Backstage Passport 2

    Fat Mike (frontman dei NOFX), in una recente intervista parla di quello che sarà il sequel dello storico dvd “Backstage Passport”, una serie che documenta le avventure “on the road” della band.
    A quanto pare a brevissimo verrà rilasciato “Backstage Passport 2”.

    “We have Backstage Passport 2, which is coming out. We’re working on a deal with Netflix, which should be very cool, exclusive Netflix content. We had Backstage Passport 1, where we went to countries no one ever goes to, snorting ketamine and ecstasy in Singapore, which you’re not supposed to do, Israel, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines. We got in a lot of trouble and made no money. It was a disaster, but it was a lot of fun. This one is more about South America and making up all the shows that got canceled in the riots and also about me being — I’m not gonna say a drug addict, ’cause when I’m off tour I don’t do drugs, but an excessive drug user, and you get to see me at my worst. It was probably the worst night of my life as far as behavior, it was in Monterey, Mexico. It was all on film.”


  • Heart in Hand annunciano un nuovo album

    Gli inglesi Heart in Hand annunciano un nuovo album.
    La loro prossima fatica si chiamerà “A Beautiful White”, il disco verrà rilasciato il 3 Novembre dalla Century Media.
    Presto maggiori info sul pre-order.

  • Yellowcard, nuovo brano in streaming

    Nuovo brano in streaming per gli Yellowcard intitolato “Make Me So”.
    Buon ascolto!

  • Darko - Sea of Trees in streaming

    Nuovo ep in streaming per gli inglesi Darko.

  • Ready and Willing” è il nuovo singolo della storica pop punk band New Found Glory.
    Buona visione ;)

  • Nuovo video per gli Zebrahead.
    "Automatic" è il nuovo singolo tratto dal loro ultimo album "Call Your Friends".

  • "Well, it sounds like a Lagwagon album but maybe it is a little bit more focused on more guitar riffy stuff we used to do in the older days. And there’s a lot less pop on the record, it’s really aggressive and there are the lyrics I wrote over about two years’ time, which sort of make it’s a conceptual record. In loose terms, it’s kind of social commentary on now, what I see. And I’m really happy with it, I mean the most happy I’ve ever been time with any record I ever made. The whole bands is proud of the record and excited to play this record. This thing when you make a good record and you know it, you feel like you can’t wait to play those new songs. Which we’re not doing as we’re waiting to play the songs until the album comes out. It’s almost painful on this tour because maybe at a soundcheck we’re playing one of the new songs but we can’t play them in the set."
    Joeri Cape - parla del nuovo album Hang
  • Lineout - nuovo ep in streaming

    Disponibile in streaming il loro nuovo ep “Guardians of Punk Rock” degli italiani Lineout.

  • Appena uscita questa compilation dell’etichetta Messicana Lasagna 4 Us Records, che promuove le band nostrane. C’è il top del top del Belpaese:

    VA - Super Italian Heroes 2 (2014)

    01 X-State Ride - Splatterhouse
    02 Dead Market - In Loving Memory Of Something Unnecessary
    03 NotFound - Like An Anchor
    04 Standing Still - Stop Complaining
    05 Just Another Burp - Italian Job
    06 Bedtime For Charlie - Collide
    07 Flip Time - High School
    08 Fankaz - Break Your Chains
    09 Last Call For Lunch - Vola
    10 Again I Hear - Wake Up Alice
    11 Beerbong - Super Hero
    12 Actionmen - Ram Das
    13 Jet Market - Sparks Against Darkness
    14 Fingerbang - Shameless Preventer
    15 L’Alba Di Nuovo - E L’uomo Creò Dio
    16 Thanx 4 All The Shoes - Covered In Blood
    17 1000 Degrees - My Ex-girlfriend Is So Hot
    18 Hard Landing - Born Wrong
    19 L’Invasione Degli Omini Verdi - Troia Brucia
    20 Lineout - Arold
    21 No Blame - Cassandra
    22 Seed’n’Feed - Prima Che Sia Troppo Tardi
    23 Startoday - From The Rubble And From The Dust
    24 Edward In Venice - Tunana (Elbow)
    25 Waiting For Better Days - Sumera Truth
    26 Lilly Noiz - Cielo Grigio
    27 7Years - Run Away
    28 Foreplay - Leading The Line By Following
    29 Four Seasons One Day - Perspective
    30 Daily Grind - My Number One
    31 Lockdown - Falling Days
    32 Heartquake - II
    33 One Night Stand - My (Stupid) Country
    34 SquilibrioS - Piani
    35 Argetti - All The Seconds In A Century
    36 Heroes Die Too - I Just Need To Sleep
    37 Nervous Academy - Competition

    Potete scaricarla gratuitamente a questo link:

  • La storica hardcore band di New York “Sick Of it All” apre il pre-order del loro nuovo album “The Last Act of Defiance”.
    Il disco uscirà ufficialmente il 30 Settembre per Century Media Records

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  • Nuova song online per i Teenage Bottlerocket intitolata “TV Set”

  • Qualche sera fa a San Diego c’è stato uno show di reunion dei Drive Like Jehu, band passata come un fulmine nel panorama post-hc dei primi anni ‘90; questo è il video dell’intero set filmato da qualche generoso.

  • Nuovo video degli Authority Zero. “Lift One Up” tratto dal loro ultimo album “The Tipping Point”
    Clip girato e diretto da Chip McCormick, Benjy Wang and Randall Record